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Be assured that we are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company. You'll be in good hands with us!

We are family owned, run and operated business and have been in contracting for over 15 years, both  professionally and private. Having the opportunity to serve our neighbors, community and further has been a great blessing to us and having the skill and knowledge to get your project done correctly and timely is our aim on any project big or small. We offer an expanded skill set making any project something we look forward to helping you with.

Permits Simplified

Renovations and installation require paperwork and permits. As a certified general contractor, we know what papers need to be filed and what permits need to be obtained. 

Repair Expertise

Every home needs some repairs at some point. From wood rot to storm damage, pipework and foundational issues, home repairs need to be handled in such a way that they do not cover up related problems.

Get A Free Quote!

We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you! Contact us by phone, 503-837-1372 or click here to use our convenient contact form.

A Little History:

Our Family of five started out in Alaska as EmerSons Contracting when we were a family of four. We thought EmerSons was cute as we only had two boys at the time. They would commonly be seen riding around in the car seats during late night snow plowing routes or digging in dads newest dirt pile that he brought home for his next job.

A few years later we added a daughter, who also expected to be able to work with dad. It took a few years for the name to change to Emerson Contracting NW but the quality of workmanship and our loyalty to our clients only grew as we did.

When we made our move to Oregon to be closer to family, we took a small break from business and soaked in all that the Willamette Valley had to offer. (Primarily roads that don’t just stop after 23 miles!) While we weren’t operating our own business we had put our skills to work for others for the past few years. Now our sons are big and ready to go to work again so we took the leap and began to focus on teaching them the skills we had been so blessed to learn along the way.

We are still traveling the never ending roads making memories with our friends and family when we are not on a job site. Our goal is to continue to grow and add more family members to our crew, but always stay a small, close-knit team.